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At Le Jolie Medi Spa, we understand that every person’s beauty is uniquely their own, which is why we provide a variety of customized facials in Studio City that are designed to provide each individual with smooth, radiant skin, and a renewed sense of self-confidence. Facials at our Los Angeles-based medical spa are customized to your specific skin type, and each is designed to make you feel pampered in the way you prefer. In addition to providing facials in Los Angeles, Sharona Rafaeloff, Dr. Rafaeloff, and their team at Le Jolie Medi Spa have developed celebrated health and beauty options such as:

Simply put, if you’re seeking remarkable medical treatments, expert spa services, or a full-service salon in Los Angeles, we offer delicately balanced treatments that combine natural ingredients and cutting-edge technology. Contact us to schedule an appointment with a beauty team that is dedicated to providing incredible services at competitive pricing, and embrace beauty and self-confidence within your life today.

Parvaneh Rafaeloff, Owner & Medical Director

For over 18 years, Dr. Parvaneh Rafaeloff has been one of Southern California’s most respected physicians and a noted figure in the Los Angeles community. After performing clinical research at the world renowned Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, Dr. Rafaeloff opened her private practice in 1996; in addition to her work as a skilled cosmetic surgeon, she has been active as a bio identical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Rafaeloff has a rare combination of truly genuine warmth and unparalleled expertise, making a skin-care session with her a truly personal, highly beneficial experience. Le Jolie Medi Spa in the heart of Studio City is the premiere destination for anti-aging skin care in Southern California, specializing in expert treatment with non-surgical facelifts, sclerotherapy, skin resurfacing, hormone replacement therapy, body contouring, mesotherapy, injectables, and other anti-aging treatments.

Dr. Parvaneh Rafaeloff

Sharona Rafaeloff, Founder

Hair Salon Studio City & West Hollywood, Los Angeles

Sharona Rafaeloff has helped make Le Jolie Medi Spa one of the top spas in Southern California with a wide selection of treatments and services. Le Jolie Medi Spa prides itself in offering skincare solutions for many beauty and skin care needs. Treatments are based on classic techniques infused with modern innovation. Offering treatments from microdermabrasion, IPL rejuvenation, lymphatic vacuodermie facials to something less invasive like a chocolate oxygen facial. Treatments have been customized and delicately balanced with natural ingredients and cutting edge cosmeceutical technology to provide unmatched results. Le Jolie Medi Spa offers a wide range of services. From a fully serviced hair and makeup salon, waxing, eyelash treatments, facials, massages, laser hair removal, fillers and injectables.

Brian Nourian, Co-Founder


Nourian has a diverse background in art, brand marketing, and very knowledgable about cosmetic procedures. These varied passions led him to create the beloved Le Jolie Medi Spa in the heart of West Hollywood; where celebrities and influencers flock for the latest cosmetic treatments. At an early age, Brian, showed a strong interest in the medical industry. Spending quality time with his Aunt, Dr. Parvaneh Rafaeloff, at her practice and learning all of the latest medical and cosmetic procedures available. He later went to Santa Monica College as a pre-med major. While the medical field was of interest to Nourian, his vision to combine all three of his interests together that led him to join forces with his aunt to launch Le Jolie Medi Spa in Studio City. The original location was meant to be a one-stop-shop to pamper, enhance and beautify. Four and a half years later, while walking on Doheny in West Hollywood, Brian saw an opportunity to expand his customer base and create an inviting space that was both Instagram-worthy and provide the latest and most cutting-edge technology in the skincare industry. With the new West Hollywood space, Brian wanted to focus on the most sought-after treatments that were changing the game in the industry, and at the forefront of beauty so he created a space that showcased the best of beauty at its best. Combining the power of social media with his interest of the nightlife industry, and discerning creative eye, Le Jolie Medi Spa feels like a lounge, an inviting space for guests to relax and unwind while experiencing the latest beauty treatments. Women are constantly asking Brian what treatments they should do, and he has become a consultant and confidant to women of all ages on the best bespoke beauty treatments. Brian has turned the Le Jolie Medi Spa West Hollywood outpost into a space that appeals to the millennial customer making their first forays into medi-spa treatments for a little pick me up.

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